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Heart Treatment Paediatrics

Pediatric heart disease is a term used to define various heart conditions in children. The most common type of pediatric heart disease is congenital (means that children are born with it). Pediatric Heart treatment in our network hospital is having various options that depend on the disease present and various other factors of the child. Ross procedure, cardiac transplant, Neonatal repair, Arterial switch, VAD, ECMO, Norwood procedure, etc. are the different procedures depending upon the heart defect the child is suffering and the medical condition as well. In India the results of pediatric heart surgery in children are positive. After treatment, most of the kids lead their normal healthy life.



Cost of Pediatric Heart Treatment in India & Nepal are vital and vary from procedure to procedure according to the advisory treatment by the Doctor. We at Al Ahamd healthcare assist you with the best pediatric heart treatment at affordable prices as we are associated with top Pediatric cardiac hospitals in India hence our core objective is to provide the best pediatric heart treatment in India. We help our patients in the best suitable and most appropriate treatment plan. Complete personal assistance will be provided by our experts for a satisfactory and wonderful experience of medical tourism to India. 

We bring you in a satisfactory and wonderful experience of medical treatment in Nepal and India. You can send your medical history reports to info@explorehealth.com.np or fill up the below form for a quick response from our consultants.

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